Building Your Business, Reclaiming Your Power

You know mindset matters for building a fulfilling business, but between the brain fog, exhaustion, and mood swings, the usual advice feels out of reach. Midlife entrepreneurship requires rewiring the beliefs that hold us back– especially those amplified by the physical and emotional rollercoaster of perimenopause and menopause. It’s not about pretending those challenges don’t exist. It’s about acknowledging them, dismantling the limiting beliefs they fuel, and building a business that honours your resilience and celebrates your unique strengths.

Let’s be honest; the world often tells women our power diminishes as we age. Those messages get even louder amidst hormonal shifts that can temporarily shake our confidence. But what if those shifts are trying to tell you something else? What if they’re a catalyst for finally stepping away from paths that were never truly yours and forging something authentic?

Your Beliefs: The Invisible Barrier

Your core beliefs are the foundation on which your actions are built. They determine whether you see challenges as insurmountable or as opportunities in disguise. For women navigating menopause, these beliefs are often a tangled mess:

Deep-rooted societal expectations about success for women “our age.”

Internalised doubts stemming from physical and mental changes – “If I can’t trust my own brain, how can I succeed?”

Fear of judgment. Will clients or colleagues see you as less capable due to hormonal fluctuations?

These don’t just cause emotional pain; they directly influence your business decisions:

Playing small, offering services below your skill level because “that’s all I can manage right now.”

Sabotaging your visibility due to the fear of being “found out” as unreliable or incompetent.

Hesitating to invest in growth because deep down, you believe your best years are behind you.

Your Brain Adapts, So Can You

Your brain isn’t broken; it’s adapting, and this is actually an asset for entrepreneurship. Change forces innovation! Instead of fighting your fluctuating energy, what if you built a business model around it? Instead of letting brain fog squash your ambition, what if it sharpened your focus on your true niche?

This shift isn’t about mantras slapped over real struggles. It’s about acknowledging the unique challenges and then strategically rewiring the beliefs that turn them into insurmountable obstacles.

Imagine harnessing the intensity of menopause-fuelled emotions into laser-sharp determination. Picture the freedom of crafting a business that allows for the flexibility your changing body needs. This is more than feeling good; it’s about unlocking the potential those very challenges ignite within you.

Let’s dive into understanding your current inner narrative so we can begin rewiring it to support the business and life you truly desire.

Understanding Your Inner Narrative

So, we’ve talked about the power of mindset, but let’s get specific. What are these pesky limiting beliefs sabotaging your dream of a soul-aligned business?

What Are Limiting Beliefs?

Limiting beliefs are those deeply held, often subconscious, assumptions you have about yourself, your abilities, and what’s possible in the world. They act like filters, colouring how you see opportunities, challenges, and your own potential to build something that lights you up.

Types Common for Budding Entrepreneurs

While everyone’s internal baggage is unique, here are a few patterns common in women yearning to start their own soul-driven business:

Internalised Doubts About Worthiness: “Who am I to charge for my gifts?”, “My passion couldn’t be a ‘real’ business.” These stem from undervaluing your skills or messages that fulfilment and income can’t coexist.

Perfectionism Hangover: Rooted in past criticism or the need to overachieve to be valued, this manifests as the “never good enough” feeling. It leads to analysis paralysis and delays putting yourself out there.

Imposter Syndrome Amplified: Building a business often requires stepping into visibility in a new way. Doubts about your expertise or the nagging “they’ll discover I’m a fraud” whispers can hold you back from bold action.

Your Brain: Wired for Habits

It’s important to understand that your brain loves efficiency. Through repetition, thoughts become neural pathways, like well-worn grooves in a record. The more you think “My idea isn’t good enough,” the stronger that groove gets. With effort, you can carve new grooves!

The Problem with Positivity Alone

This is why generic “think positive!” advice often fails. You can’t just pave over the old grooves; you need to understand the landscape before you can effectively remodel.

Uncovering Your Narrative

Identifying your limiting beliefs is the first step towards rewiring them. Here are some journaling prompts tailored to uncovering your entrepreneurial mindset:

Your Business as Character: If your dream business were a person, what would their vibe be?

Overwhelmed and unsure?

Bold yet secretly terrified?

This reveals how you subconsciously view your potential.

Outdated “Should’s” About Work: Were there messages you absorbed about what work should look like (the 9-5 grind, security above all else)? Do those still fit your vision?

The Money Mindset: When you picture financial success linked to your passion, do you feel excitement or an underlying guilt or scarcity mindset? This is essential to unpack.

Don’t judge yourself for having these beliefs! They formed for a reason. Awareness is where change begins.

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